Fighting Air with Air

That’s How HCR Solutions Win
Before install of HCR Doors, showing frost, fog and ice


Frozen Assets operates a number of cold storage warehouses. At one facility in Northlake, Illinois, they operate a refrigerated shipping and receiving dock with a state-of-the-art racking system and designated USDA, FDA and USDC inspection areas. The Northlake facility includes:

  • A 40° cold dock and a -10° freezer
  • Two turbo slide doors connecting dock and freezer
  • 20,000 pallet positions at -10°
  • 2,000 pallet positions at 38°
  • Two full shifts, six days a week

The Challenge

  • Their door system was allowing warm air to enter the freezer at the top of the door while cold air was escaping at the bottom.
  • The warm air entering the freezer attached itself to the ceiling, walls and racking. Ice and frost were everywhere, even on the floor.
  • The cold air entering the warm dock settled and made the floor persistently wet right at the door opening.
  • Safety, productivity and energy efficiency were being compromised.

Our Approach


Wherever a refrigeration system is being overwhelmed by moisture, there’s potential for the application of HCR technology. And for Frozen Assets and their Northlake facility we recommended an HCR DCAV (double conditioned air vestibule) solution.


The DCAV uses two recirculatory air curtains, creating an air vestibule, between the two air streams, where air is captured and treated to a non-frost, non-fog state. The DCAV adjusts as conditions change to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.


Recirculatory air door technology for moving traffic between freezer and dock through the 10-foot by 14-foot 6-inch doorway. Specifically, an HCR DCAV solution:



Horizontal Curvilinear Recirculatory



Double Conditioned Air Vestibule

In addition, we provided careful energy and ROI analysis to assist Frozen Assets in qualifying for energy incentives and rebates from area energy companies.


“Within three to four weeks of installation, ice and frost had been eliminated and the Northlake facility was operating with an unencumbered, wide-open doorway. The HCR solution reduced energy loss, maintained needed temperatures and reduced safety concerns. Over time, they’ll see greatly reduced maintenance costs and increased warehouse productivity.”

Shawn Tassie

KMK Sales Representative

After HCR Door install - no ice buildup

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