Vapor Armour

Ice Buildup is a Problem.

Vapor Armour is the Solution.

Ice formation and contamination is a universal problem in cold storage facilities. Improperly sealed facilities suffer from warm air invasion (or “vapor drive”) into their cold storage areas where the warm air condenses from vapor to water and then freezes, resulting in ice-buildup, increased energy and labor costs, contaminated insulation and product, and ongoing cleanup.

We close all the windows and doors in our homes before turning on our air conditioner, and the same logic applies to ensuring that there are no discontinuities in your cooler/freezer’s vapor barrier before going to temp.

Vapor Armour is the industry’s only true vapor barrier solution for cold-storage facilities and comes with a 15-year warranty. This patented application creates an impermeable air barrier between dry, cold, and frozen storage areas. To seal the gap between the roof and wall, PVC membrane is set in adhesive, creating an enclosed envelope and preventing vapor drive between storage areas.

Installing the patented Vapor Armour™ system will create the most energy efficient building envelope for your controlled warehouse space.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows adequate expansion and contraction
  • All materials are compatible
  • Proven to eliminate interior condensation and ice formations
  • Will absolutely improve energy efficiency
  • Eliminates future costly repairs and replacement

Backed By a 15-Year Warranty

It’s simply the only patented vapor barrier on the market with a warranty of any kind available in the freezer and cold storage industry. After installation of a Vapor Armour™️ vapor barrier system, the owner is provided a full 15-Year, No Dollar Limit Warranty, guaranteeing no vapor drive for 15 years.

How can we do it? Because we know it works.

Please Note: To maintain your 15-year guarantee, a three-year inspection is required to ensure the integrity of the Vapor Armour™️ installation.


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