Unremovable Fire Doors? Hybrid Solutions?

No Problem.
freezer before KMK install


Birds Eye Foods is a nationally recognized brand with more than $1 billion in total sales in frozen vegetables and meals. Their products can be found in more than 80% of U.S. households. In Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, their production facility consisted of:

  • 40° blending room to -10° freezer
  • ASI Enviro Bi-Part Slide Doors 7’ by 11’
  • 3 shifts per day, 5 days per week

Moisture infiltration and exfiltration was creating significant ice and snow buildup for both the blending room and freezer.

The Challenge

Beyond the persistent ice and snow building up due to moisture infiltration and exfiltration, the challenge with the Birds Eye facility was two-fold.

  • First, the entrance that needed to be addressed included a permanent fire door that could not be removed. The unremovable fire door was on the warm side, in the blending room.
  • Second, the Birds Eye team remained skeptical about the effectiveness of HCR technology and air door solutions. So much so, they requested a written guarantee of performance before approving the recommended solution.

Our Approach


We knew we were representing the world leader in re-circulatory air door technology and that an effective HCR solution lied within our portfolio of products. So we accepted the challenge presented by Birds Eye and with full confidence guaranteed the performance of our recommended solution.


We provided this guarantee in spite of the unremovable fire door presenting a challenge that required a hybrid solution from two different Jamison product lines.


Our recommendation was a hybrid solution that combined an HCR CAC door with a Jamison Frigo II rollup door.

This approach allowed us to reduce the opening cycle of the entrance and maximize the efficiency of the roll-up door.

This approach also allowed the unremovable fire door to remain unaltered.

This hybrid solution achieved a “next level” efficiency and proved perfect for an entrance where ice and snow were a challenge.



“Within a couple of weeks all the ice and snow was gone, even what had accumulated on their evaporator. The new door solution successfully sublimated everything. The ice and snow transitioned to gas without ever creating water or condensation. We’re thrilled to see Birds Eye a believer in HCR solutions now.”

Shawn Tassie

KMK Sales Representative

After install

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