Not Just a Case Study...

A Showcase for HCR Solutions


One of our very first HCR projects was with Palermo’s Pizza of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a national leader in both private label frozen pizza and contract manufacturing. Their facility in Milwaukee includes:

  • 55° cooled dock to -15° freezer
  • 2 turbo-seal freezer doors, 8’ x 13’ and 8’ x 12’
  • 3 shifts per day, 6 days per week

Ice and snow were covering not just the ceiling, walls and racking – but also some of the floor around the doorways.

The Challenge

Palermo’s needed a better solution than strip curtains to control air flow and moisture buildup. HCR technology would be the perfect solution, but HCR solutions can be more expensive than other alternatives.

The overarching challenge was to provide the right HCR solution along with the energy analysis to ensure financial incentives from the state’s Focus on Energy program. These incentives would help offset the cost of the upgrade.

Our Approach


We determined to use an HCR CAC air curtain door in combination with a high-speed door for next-level efficiency. For Palermo’s entrance, we calculated that this combination would:

  • Eliminate their ice and snow problem
  • Ensure easy workflow
  • Control to air infiltration and exfiltration
  • Maximize energy efficiency

HCR solutions work well in combination with bi-parting or single sliding doors.



An HCR hybrid solution that combined an HCR CAC air door with a high-speed door.

Focus on Energy logo

Energy analysis and documentation in support of application for financial incentives from Focus on Energy.


ROI analysis for how well our doors will work.


“We were able to see the results really quickly. In fact, it became a showcase for us. We brought other customers into Palermo’s facility to show them the HCR application and how well it worked – and to talk about how we can support application for financial incentives, like those offered by Focus on Energy. Incentives are a priority for all of our customers.”

Shawn Tassie

KMK Sales Representative

Assorted Jamison doors in hallway

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