300 Custom-Designed Doors. 3 Months. Go!

Taking a Hands-On Approach to Keep Construction on Schedule

What do you do when you have a compressed schedule for the completion of a 382,000 square foot facility that requires more than 300 custom-designed doors? KMK Sales found a way to fill the bill for the Kraft Heinz Company on its brand new, flagship facility.

Assorted Jamison doors in hallway


The new Kraft Heinz facility in Davenport, Iowa, measured 382,000 square feet, covered more than 70 acres and, once operational, would process 2.8 million pounds of Oscar Mayer deli meats every week.

Even for Kraft Heinz, the third largest food and beverage company in North America, it represented a significant investment estimated at $225 million.

The Challenge

The challenge would be to take one of Jamison’s largest orders to date and move it through drawings, approvals, manufacturing and delivery in approximately three months – with absolute precision – so that Kraft Heinz could meet its target completion date.

Our Approach


We committed to being onsite – meeting and working with building owners, contractors and installation teams.


Being onsite allowed us to consult with business owners, especially on new requests or change orders, and quickly liaison with Jamison on door design.


Being onsite also allowed us to work closely with installation teams and resolve any atypical issues with fit and finish.


We arranged with Jamison to ship completed doors as they were available so construction was never interrupted.


We shipped 200 swing doors pre-hung with the hardware already attached – which meant quick, easy and hassle-free installation.

Assorted Jamison doors in hallway
Jamison cold storage doors


Jamison cold storage doors

Jamison Cold Storage Doors

  • 91 Mark IV Horizontal Single
  • 30 Plyfoam II
  • 10 Jamolite II
Jamouf doors

Jamotuf Fiberglass Architectural Style Doors

  • 169 Jamotuf Doors
  • 3 Jamoclean
Closeup of door and stainless steel frame

Special Features

  • This was an area of heavy washdown that required a unique set of Jamison products.
  • A special washdown package was provided, including fiberglass doors with stainless hardware.


“Everyone shined on this project, from the folks at Jamison to the various contractors and installation teams. We were happy to play our part and to be so intimately involved on the timely completion of such a significant facility.”

Shawn Tassie

KMK Sales Representative

Assorted Jamison doors in hallway

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